Why Choose Our Website, Shopping Cart and Mobile Design Service?


We work with you to develop a better understanding of your business and your business needs in order to provide a custom fit website.


We give you a lot of “bang for your buck” with our affordable rates yet we do not compromise on quality or our commitment to you.


We keep you updated throughout the entire design process so you can rest assured knowing your website is progressing along the projected path.


Our quality is unsurpassed. Our attention to detail along with our free 3 day maintenance, guarantees you a professionally created web design.


Our Simple Website, Shopping Cart or Mobile Design Process

We take the hassle out of web design by providing a smooth work-flow that keeps you involved in the process but doesn’t demand your attention to every detail.

Step 1:
The Discovery Phase
The discovery phase is where we visit with you to discuss your business in detail and to gain a better understanding of the scope. It is important to identify the overall goal of the site, who the target audience is, and what functionality the site will have.

Step 2:
Design Prototype
Here is where we take the information gathered and start applying it towards the look and feel of your website. At the conclusion of this stage, a visual of the site is presented in order for you to provide feedback and design revisions as needed.

Step 3:
After you have looked over the design prototypes, the changes that you would like made are discussed in detail. We then go back and make the modifications necessary in order to provide you with a final design proof that entails all aspects of the site.

Step 4:
Final Review & Approval
At this stage, all revisions have been made and you agree to the final design of the site. We then start transforming the design into a functional website that will be viewable on our test server. Updates will be provided so you know the status of your site.

Step 5:
Delivery of Site
Once you sign off on the finalised product, we then upload the necessary files to your server and do a final inspection to ensure everything is working properly.


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